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Happy car ride to note what security issues

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Happy car ride to note what security issues

     Happy passengers in the car during the ride, note:
     According to obey the command staff personnel: For passenger cars up and down up and down, please note that the head and feet, in order to avoid a collision or fall.
Note belts: not completely stopped before the rides, do not grab the grab, take the time to wear seatbelts, check if it is safe, reliable, secure grip when hands clenched or other safety equipment, seat belts must not untied.
     Do not extend the extravehicular body parts: Passengers ride the rides when sitting on the seat is a nice gesture, do not walk, hands and feet must be other parts of the head, and extravehicular stretch to avoid bumps, scratches, smearing not deliberately shaking the cockpit door opened without permission is prohibited passengers.
     Do not stand in the picture: rides in operation, shall be arbitrarily stand or squat, but not allowed to take pictures operation.
     Take care of your own project: running, we should take good care of their goods, rather than scattered outward, throwing, easy to fall decorations, etc., please take off in advance.
     Accidents do not panic: rides in operation, power failure, etc., the staff did not notice before, do not get off, only the cockpit is the safest, waiting for rescue.
     Riding racing, karting should be careful: take racing, karting, without a coat, scarf girth, long hair or braids, or dangerous.
     To prevent accidental water recreation project: a wave pool and around the pool, be careful not to spray water toward the intake port and place to prevent accidents.
     Dabble slides Security: Do not stand on the slide, squat or upside down; ban should quickly leave the chute at the same or about the same time, they immediately into the water, in order to avoid a collision.
     Safety inspection marks: In accordance with state regulations, regular inspection cycle amusement and recreational facilities for one year, after the entertainment facilities, quality and technology supervision department issued a safety inspection marks, paste it in the eye-catching rides security check where tourists do not take no inspection, failure can not be checked or extended rides.
     Note taking notes of recreational facilities in place eye-catching "passengers", read carefully before and ride, do not climb over the fence. Must wait before boarding passenger security fence on the outside, people have to queue for a long time, can not be cut over the fence.
     Children accompanied by their parents: Children are not allowed to ride the rides alone.
     Playground must be safe, safe rides. All the modern amenities, the structure and movement pattern differences between the species, size specifications between the appearance is different. Currently, the rides.
     A wide range of modern facilities, the structure and movement pattern differences between the species, size specifications between the appearance is different.

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